At Exclusiff Euro Massage & Spa we are committed to providing You with a
luxurious Massage, Body and Skin Care at an affordable price.  We believe that
top quality pampering doesn’t have to be expensive.

We offer comfortable, completely private atmosphere for you to relax and
enjoy the benefits of massage.

There are many mental and physical benefits to a massage, but don't just take
our word for it - please come in and give your mind and body a treat.
Some of the most commonly recognized benefits of massage include:

· Release of emotional and physical tension
· Reduction or elimination of back pain
· More restful sleep
· Relief from sore muscles
· Better skin tone
· Increased circulation & energy
· Greater flexibility
  • At Exclusiff we use only European quality medical grade private label
    cosmeceutical  facial and body skin care products as well as natural spa products
    that are manufactured in Cosmolab in Switzerland and are designed to purify,
    moisturize, and nourish your skin with nature's finest ingredients that improve the
    overall health and appearance of your skin. Free of artificial fragrances, and
    harsh ingredients, designed based on the latest  research in skin care for healthy-
    youthful looking skin.

  • Exclusiff is owned/operated by licensed massage therapist and skin care specialist
    with more than 20 years experience in Body & Skin care who is dedicated to bring
    you the latest developments in skin care on European markets combined with the
    cutting edge western technology equipment that delivers unparalleled results.

  • We attend major European and Asian Beauty and Skin Care Trade shows at least
    twice a year to stay on top of the latest developments in Beauty/Wellness/ Skin
    Care and will share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you can use it as
    part of your at home skin care routine.

  • Advanced hand-held beauty/skin care devices and skin care products are available
    for you at Exclusiff Boutique that can be purchased at more than affordable prices
    and will help you to maintain skin in great condition even between Your Spa visits, as
    well as cutting edge LipoSonix Machine that utilizes specific frequency sound vaves
    to rupture fat cells and expell them out of your body via advanced lymphatic
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  • Exclusiff Gift Certificates are available for purchase at the Spa or
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