Massage package is a great way to treat yourself to frequent massages and save money. There is no
expiration dates and no obligations or contracts to sign, you can come in as often as you need and you can
substitute some of Your massage treatments with Seasonal Body Exfoliation and/or Facial. Just let us
know what Your specific goals are for the treatment session and we'll customize it for You.

70 Minute Packages

5  Sessions for only $275 ($55/Massage)
10 Sessions for only  $500 ($50/Massage)
Massage and/or Skin Care Packages
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European Facial Skin Care Treatments

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Waxing Services - Face and Body

Bikini/upper legs & bikini/full legs & bikini/lower legs/full
arms/half arms/full back waxing/upper back waxing/lower back
waxing/chest & stomach/neck line/under arms/ face sites
!!!   Please note that having Facial and/or Waxing Treatments while on medication (Retin-A, Renova,
prescriptive strength Glycolic Acid, Accutane), using drugs or having preexisting skin medical problems may
cause a severe reaction and/or damage to your skin. Please discuss this in advance with your Skin Care
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European Therapeutic
The classic relaxation massage, a perfect escape to leave You
feeling rejuvenated. Long strokes of this massage with light or
medium pressure relieves tension and releases physical and
emotional blockages. It relaxes the muscles and calms the mind to
leave you with a sense of balance
European Relaxation Massage with Hot
Stone Therapy
Relaxation massage that incorporates elements of hot stone
therapy customized to your particular trigger points
Therapeutic  Deep Tissue
The deepest of the massage techniques with firm pressure, which
helps to release tension, relax tight muscles, improve circulation
and restore flexibility
Hot Stone
Deep heat of basalt stones penetrates your muscles, providing an
immediate relaxation response; you can reach a state of relaxation
within minutes of applying the first stones
Exclusiff Anti-Cellulite Lipo-Modeling
Massage/Lipo-Laser Treatment
includes Hot Chili slimming gel application combined with FAR
Infra-Red Sauna blanket and vacuum Lipo-Modeling massage
technique to reduce cellulite appearance, even out skin tone and
reduce water retention by tissues
Exclusiff Cool Body
CryoLipolysis Treatment
The Non-Invasive "cold" method of breakdown of fat cells into
free fatty acids cools the adipose tissue to induce lipolysis
reducing stubborn pockets of body fat without affecting other
tissues; non-surgical alternative to liposuction
Focus Massage Treatment
If you are experiencing soreness in one specific area of your body,
this is the right massage for you
"Valentine Anytime" Couples Massage
Treat your significant other to a relaxing massage date; just bring
your date/partner/spouse along and we'll make sure they enjoy
your creativity in planning a perfect date
Exclusiff Custom Royal Age-Smart
Euro skin treatment for all skin types. Includes skin analysis,
facial Ionic Steam application, double exfoliation, massage of
face, neck and décolleté area, masks, hydration, under eye care
and solar defense. You will notice supporting and boosting
effect for your skin
Exclusiff Custom Clinical Facial
Euro skin care treatment for problem skin (blemishes, breakouts,
etc.). Includes skin analysis, facial Ionic Steam application, double
exfoliation, special masks, hydration, under eye care and solar
defense. You will notice decongesting and clearing effect for
your skin
Exclusiff Microdermabrasion Exfoliation
this treatment removes dead, flaky skin cells and helps stimulate
production of new collagen. Non-invasive treatment to enhance
skin condition and texture, combats signs of aging skin, fine lines,
dark spots and acne scars
Exclusiff Ultra-Sound Therapy for Face
and/or Body
Ultra-Sound significantly increases local blood circulation,
penetrates deep into the tissues and delivers ingredients which
combat signs of aging or help alleviate pain from sore muscles  
and tender points in your back, neck and shoulders
Exclusiff 24K Golden Three Layer Skin
Remodeling Treatment
Luxurious revolutionary three layer skin remodeling treatment;
includes 24 karat pure Gold application with Micro Facial
Rollers which penetrate upper layer of epidermis. Results are
significant and visible from the first treatment, skin is lifted and
tightened with a Golden glow of health